Brewing Positive Sustainability in Alcoholic and Non -Alcoholic Beverages

In this episode, we speak with Christie Lagally, Founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods (Seattle Food Tech), about how she is building better tools for scaling plant-based meat production. She talked about her background and how she came to develop a company with plant-based benefits that are great products, healthier, and have less environmental effect. We also discuss how they use next-generation technologies to create plant-based meat better, cheaper, and faster. She provided brief insights into how they are combining social justice and food from a climate change angle owing to animal industrial activities that create high amounts of nitrogen, which has an impact on health. She provided brief insights into how the supply chain for plant-based foods is kept scalable. We also discussed how she began promoting her products in order to reach the community in plant-based foods, as well as her future product goals.

Rebellyous (Formerly Seattle Food Tech) is a Seattle, Washington-based company with a goal to create the perfect chicken nugget. They began by removing the real chicken and replacing it with protein-rich plant ingredients. They are creating a whole new manufacturing system that is cleaner, more efficient, and better for the workers.

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