How Restaurant Digitalization is Transforming the Customer Experience?

In this episode, we talk with Jeremy Terman, Director of Sales at Lunchbox, about how they assist restaurants in managing their customers’ digital experiences. Jeremy discussed how he uses his technical skills in the food sector. He also discussed how his Door Dash experience taught him about sales and helped him uplevel his target clientele. He discussed how Lunchbox encourages restaurant clients to create best-in-class online customer interaction channels to ensure mobile applications represent brands and digital engagement. We also discussed food industry challenges such as inflation, staffing, and supply chain issues.

Lunchbox, based in New York, is a modern ordering system that helps businesses increase their online revenue. To drive native orders and guest loyalty, they provide app and online ordering, loyalty, marketing, and order aggregation solutions. They also assist with more convenient ordering alternatives, data-driven marketing, and design.

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