How Technological Advancements are Transforming the Food Industry?

Lonica Kufner, Chief Growth Officer of GTFO It’s Vegan, highlights how technological innovations in the food industry are elevating in this episode. She discussed how she began her career in retail and moved into the food industry when the internet of things and selling online items were booming 20 years ago. She provided brief insights on the significance of certifications and recognizing what is in our food. Lonica also covered Non-GMO, high-quality items, and why people value them. She discusses the relevance of blockchain technology and how, through product packaging, one may learn where a specific meal originates from. She discusses upcycled foods and how many businesses are combating food waste. She gave an overview of how she learned about traceability, the need for tracking and tracing, and how companies may ensure the sustainability of the food supply chain. She discussed food safety and the importance of transparency. We also covered product packaging and why branding is important in the food sector while keeping social mission, environment, and emotions in mind. She also discussed clean labeling in products and why they are important to customers.

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