How Technology is Scaling-up the Local Food Producers in Supply Chain?

In today’s podcast, Marcia Woods, CEO & CO-Founder at Freshspoke will share insights on how the intricacy of the food supply chain is dependent on having the right technology to track food products and keep everything safe and traceable.
As the industry continues to modernize, businesses continue to shift digitally making mobile applications the preferred data entry method for suppliers & consumers.

FreshSpoke is a sales and local food supplier logistics platform, linking buyers and sellers through a set of simple features meant to streamline purchase, payment, and delivery for local food providers and wholesale customers as a single automated and traceable transaction. FreshSpoke’s distribution system makes use of spare capacity, allowing commercial drivers, including local food producers, to supplement their income by delivering local food. FreshSpoke is accessible as a web app as well as a mobile app.

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