How the Leaf is Reshaping the Coffee and Tea Industry?

In today’s episode “ How Leaf is Re-shaping the Coffee and Tea Industry, Max Rivest, Co-Founder and CEO for Wize Tea discusses with Chris Raczswoski the importance of building a sustainable coffee supply chain and how sustainability plays a greater role from farm to the consumer level.
In this conversation Mark shares, some of the ways how Wize Tea is helping to make a positive impact on the environment, and why higher-quality products make for a better and more sustainable supply chain.

Wize  Tea is based out of Vancouver, British  Colombia, and is the global leader in Coffee Leaf Tea production, research, and innovation. Stemming from a 2013 grad school project, Wize has since established itself as the world’s first Coffee Leaf Tea company. They are vertically integrated from “Earth to Cup” out of Nicaragua and based in Vancouver B.C. Founded by Max Rivest, Arnaud Petitvallet, and Enrique Ferrufino, a third-generation coffee farmer in Nicaragua.

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