How to Get Ahead in Sports Nutrition Products to Achieve Sustainability Goals?

In this latest episode of the Future Food Cast Podcast, we talk with Patrick Stark,  the Co-Founder of  Endurance Inc, where he covers sports nutrition sustainability and highlights important trends, obstacles, and regulatory insights to enable the n sector to innovate while fulfilling customers’ expectations.

One of the most effective methods for an e-commerce business owner to build and scale their brand is to use client feedback to improve their product offerings. Listening to your consumers allows you to understand their wants and problems, allowing you to develop goods that will please them, provide value to their lives, and help your business flourish.

Endurance Tap is based out of Toronto, Ontario was founded by two friends Patrick and Matt who were enthusiastic about sports and nutrition and saw a gap in the market for true natural fueling solutions that not only tasted fantastic but also contained actual food. After months of tinkering with recipes in Matt’s kitchen, Matt and Pat refined their formula to the absolute bare minimum of components required to sustain performance: three. Endurance Tap, made of proprietary ginger, Canadian maple syrup, and sea salt, is appreciated by athletes all over the world.

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