How to Make Your Food Start-Up a Success?

In episode 16 of the Future Food Cast podcast, we interview Bernard Verkaaik, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Greater Goods, a food business consultancy that assists food start-ups in becoming successful by providing specialized services in the launch, distribution, and international expansion.

But that’s not all in this episode; the podcast also discusses the main trends and problems in the food start-up sector, as well as how they are embracing transparency in the food market. The important points also highlighted the benefits of implementing blockchain technology in the existing food supply chain scenario.

About Bernard – He has over 15 years of food industry expertise and the qualifications and knowledge to take your product from outstanding to amazing. Bernard can help you with all parts of your business, such as concept and brand creation, procuring the correct materials at the right price, discovering the right manufacturer, and gaining local and international contracts.

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