How ‘Upcycled Food’ can pave the way for Industry Food-Waste reduction?

In this episode, Kerry Tam, President of Kwok Cheung Noodles, shares how he is experimenting and giving consumers with nutritious and tasty noodles. Kerry saw a critical vacuum in the food industry as part of his personal quest to assist address global hunger challenges and bring about general positive change in the world, both of which are his interests. Kerry’s business is committed to upcycling food sources in order to reduce food waste and provide more sustainable food production. We also discussed how e-commerce is transforming the food industry and how they are adapting to the changes. In addition to Kwok Cheung Noodles, Kerry has launched Flour and Dough to engage in the supply chain for noodles and bread. Kerry is introducing “micro-manufacturing” of noodles to Canadian grocery shops, with plans to install noodle production kiosks in chain food stores, allowing consumers to order and enjoy fresh noodles made from the best raw ingredients. Technology is assisting in the future direction of food production as well as consumer interest, demand, and consumption vectors. Kerry’s businesses are both participating in and driving the fulfillment of these technological developments.

Kwok Cheung Noodle, situated in Ontario, is a noodle and Asian cuisine manufacturing brand that began in the 1960s with a modest facility in Hong Kong. They have now launched numerous more in China, Australia, and Toronto, Canada. Its mission is to always try to be among the best in delivering high-quality items that please our clients’ appetites. They specialize in Chow Mein, egg noodles, wrappers, and, most importantly, our excellent traditional Japanese Ramen has been praised by chefs all over the world! They are a local supplier in Canada, working with various restaurants, supermarkets, and whole-sellers in Southern Ontario and Quebec.

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