Ice Cream Innovation: Unveiling the Secrets of Distinctive Flavors

Forget basic sprinkles, Salt & Straw’s ( artisanal ice cream, featured speaker  Co-Founder and Head of Innovation Tyler Malik f on this podcast as he unlocks the secrets behind their meteoric rise to national acclaim. Dive into the magic of their monthly masterpieces, where farm-fresh figs tango with lavender, black licorice dances with fennel pollen, and even crickets meet black sesame and honeycomb in a viral sensation. These aren’t just scoops, they’re stories infused with Danny Meyer’s hospitality philosophy, crafting an experience as sweet as their ice cream.
Get a taste of their Thanksgiving extravaganza – candied yams, pecan praline, and pumpkin pie frozen in time. Brace yourself for mind-blowing November-December collaborations with local heroes and unexpected flavor mashups that’ll redefine your ice cream horizons.

This podcast isn’t just about toppings. It’s a masterclass in strategic vision, revealing how Salt & Straw transformed from a Portland scoop shop to a national phenomenon. Learn their flavor innovation secrets, from sourcing seasonal ingredients to sculpting edible masterpieces that tantalize taste buds and Instagram feeds alike.

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