Innovating to Reduce Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry

In today’s episode, we talk with Olaf Van Der Veen, Co-Founder, and CEO of Orbisk talks about how they are leveraging cutting-edge technology to reduce food waste in the restaurant industry. He provided brief insights into how AI image recognition benefits in tracking food waste at scale in restaurants. From a technological standpoint, he described how the monitor screen works. We also discussed how they assist with food waste issues and advise clients on what they are planning for more sustainable resource usage. He explained why his clients want to collaborate with them to accomplish the same goal of reducing food waste. He expressed an interest in global growth and leveraging successful companies. We also discussed why transparency is important in resolving problems in the food system.

Orbisk is a Utrecht-based start-up with a mission to make the global food system more sustainable. Their integrated system gives hospitality organizations a clear picture of their food waste. As a result, they will be able to cut their waste in half. They make extensive use of current advances in computer vision and AI to do this. Their smart camera, mounted on top of the garbage bin and linked to a scale, will automatically detect any food being thrown away down to the ingredient level.

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