Innovation and Food Quality: From Kiosk to Global Scale in the Restaurant Industry

In this captivating podcast episode, we have the privilege to speak with Geoff Alexander, the President & CEO of WOW Bao, to delve into the fascinating world of scaling innovation in the restaurant industry. Join us as we explore how WOW Bao is revolutionizing the way customers experience their brand and how they’ve managed to maintain unwavering customer loyalty through their ingenious reward programs. During this thought-provoking discussion, Geoff Alexander shares insights into WOW Bao’s impressive growth trajectory and the various strategies they have implemented to stay ahead of the game. Discover how they have successfully leveraged technology and innovation to create a seamless customer experience, from their unique rewards program to their exciting new ventures like hot food vending machines and digital collectibles.

Wow Bao, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a trailblazing restaurant in the high-growth Asian fast-casual segment. Their exceptional menu showcases hot Asian steamed buns, delectable potstickers, and flavorful rice & noodle bowls.

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