Innovation driving Premiumization, Quality and Natural Ingredients in Spirits Industry

In today’s episode, we speak with Martin de Dreuille, Grey Goose’s Global Vice President of Marketing at Bacardi, on how they are innovating in the premiumization, quality, and natural ingredients in the vodka industry. Martin spoke about his background and how he got into this industry. He goes into depth about the distillation process and how specific elements like water and wheat are utilized. We discussed how Grey Goose emphasizes product quality and sourcing from consumers’ perspectives. He discussed Grey Goose’s unique approach to manufacturing and the products they have created. We went through the Essence category and the use of natural ingredients in great depth. We also discuss consumer trends and how they help keep an experiential approach.

Grey Goose Vodka is headquartered in Picardie. Grey Goose is distilled in the world’s gastronomic capital, France, following the traditions of the Maitre de Chai. They only employ two ingredients: Picardie winter wheat of single origin and natural spring water. It is entirely traceable from crop to cork. Every stage of the process, from harvest to milling to single distillation to bottling, is done in France.

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