Innovative Ingredients: Paving the Way to a Sustainable, Green Future

In this episode, we speak with Anna Pierce, Director of Sustainability at Tate & Lyle to explore their innovative approach to ingredient solutions in the food and beverage industry. Discover how this global leader is reducing carbon footprints, promoting regenerative agriculture, and making a positive impact on the environment and healthy communities through science-led food solutions. Learn about Tate & Lyle’s commitment to sustainability, their latest innovations in plant-based ingredients, and how they are helping to create a more sustainable food future.

About Tate & Lyle:
With over 160 years of experience, Tate & Lyle, headquartered in Marylebone, London, England, stands as a global leader in ingredient solutions for healthier food and beverages. Their mission is driven by consumer health needs, government initiatives to foster healthier communities, and the demand for accessible food and nutrition worldwide. Tate & Lyle’s range of specialty sweeteners and fibers helps reduce sugar and calories while fortifying food and enhancing digestive health. Their texturants and stabilizing systems extend shelf-life and simplify food manufacturing processes. Across the globe, they’re changing lives through the science of food. Know more at

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