Innovative Ingredients: Transforming Food Manufacturing with Technology & Safety

In this episode, we speak with Frank McKinney, COO/Plant Manager at Carolina Ingredients, a leading B2B food ingredient and blending company. We explore the fascinating world of Carolina Ingredients, where innovation, technology, and quality assurance drive their operations. From their low-sodium proprietary sea salt brand to their extensive range of dry or dehydrated ingredients, including yeast extracts, Carolina Ingredients has built a strong reputation in the industry. We learn about their innovative products, such as jackfruit powder, and their commitment to serving diverse food manufacturers. Frank shares insights on evaluating processes and procedures, highlighting the importance of prioritization and their journey to success. We discuss their growth plans, capital support, and their unique use of near-infrared blend technology for ingredient distribution verification. Ultimately, Carolina Ingredients’ mission is to make the world taste better, and we uncover their dedication to innovation, technology, and quality in the food industry.

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