Innovative Solution to Reduce Food Waste with Extended Shelf Life

In this episode, we speak with Aidan Mouat, CEO, and Co-Founder of Hazel Technologies, Inc., about how they are creating innovations to increase food’s shelf life and reduce waste to become more sustainable. Aidan shared a brief on how they planned to use a new category of biochemistry to improve the shelf life of perishable items and combat spoilage in order to decrease food waste. He talked about small molecule signaling processes in perishable foods and how food is safeguarded in existing packaging versus commercial packaging. We also discuss the ROI generating process flow and how waste estimations are performed for their customers to assist them in acquiring their profits. He also discusses how they collect data for logistics and how Hazel Technologies works on the supply chain side to track perishables. He discussed supply chain challenges and how they protect through chemistry in a way that gives consumers confidence.

Hazel Technologies, Inc. is a Chicago-based company dedicated to decreasing spoilage waste by increasing the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants by offering reliable, sustainable chemical products to supply chain partners.

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