Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Packaging bringing Freshness and Shelf Life

In this episode, our guest speaker Larry Bell, Founder and CEO of Fresh Food Solutions, discusses how their technology is helping in the sustainability of the food management space. We also talked about how the cornerstone of his technology truly aspires to create a far more sustainable food supply chain throughout the whole spectrum of energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction. Larry is an unambiguously qualified knowledge leader in this sector, with a multi-decade history of experience in the Controlled atmosphere transport of meat/fish/food. FreshFoodSolutions uses proven, off-the-shelf technologies to shift from pallet-based transportation techniques to more efficient shipping container systems. Product freshness can be extended by 20+ days during transit, allowing for land and ocean delivery rather than air freight for food goods. This results in significant cost and energy savings, as well as less food spoilage. Fresh Food Solutions’ has been meticulously designed by engineering and industry specialists.

Fresh Food System Solutions is located in the United States and delivers fresh fish internationally via ocean freight at 1/100th the carbon impact of air freight, with more freshness and point-of-sale shelf life than air freight, and utilizing paper-based packaging rather than non-biodegradable plastics. As the lowest-cost provider of high-value, high-quality fresh foods, FFS licensees can target the most profitable global supply chains to the most profitable global markets. The system may also be put in refrigerated cold storage, fresh food retail, vending cabinets, and consumer refrigerators, allowing for food-safe, spoilage-proof “Meal Centers” for preservative-free, freshly cooked entrees and meals.

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