Innovators Supporting Sustainability in the Pet Food Industry

In this episode, we talk with Philippe Poirier, Co-Founder, and CEO of Wilder Harrier, who has a passion for food and an entrepreneurial attitude to create sustainability in our food system, about what the future of pet food sustainability will be like and how Wilder Harrier operates the pet food business. He also discussed how they are reducing the environmental footprint of their current products and using alternative proteins in the products. He also addressed how they maintain consumer transparency.

Wilder Harrier is based out of  Montreal and its objective is to make the healthiest food for pets and the planet in a totally responsible manner, utilizing only nutritious, human-grade, and flavorful products. They strive to think out of the box and are always on the search for new and inventive components. They hope to lead the shift to a more plentiful and sustainable food system by delivering eco-friendly pet food to the mainstream market. To assure continued success, they aspire to harness the exponential potential of cutting-edge technology and create inventive alternatives to standard industrial processes.

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