Insect proteins for a Better Future: Food Revolution

In this episode we speak with Martin Zorrilla, CTO at Nutrition Technologies . ( . This episode explores the exciting world of insect agriculture with Nutrition Technologies, a company using black soldier flies to revolutionize the food industry! Discover how these insects provide a sustainable and resource-efficient protein source for animal feed and pet food, while tackling food waste through innovative decomposition. We’ll delve into the transformative potential of insect agriculture in creating a more resilient food system.  Join us as we explore:

  • Sustainable Protein Source: Black soldier flies as a future of protein for animals and pets.
  • Food Waste Reduction: How insect agriculture combats food waste through efficient decomposition.
  • Transformative Potential: The impact of insect agriculture on building a more sustainable food system.
  • Nutrition Technologies: A leader in insect-based protein production using black soldier fly larvae.
  • Zero-Waste Production: Their commitment to sustainability with a focus on utilizing waste streams.
  • Global Impact: The expansion of Nutrition Technologies across Southeast Asia.

This episode is a captivating look into the future of food production, showcasing how insect agriculture is paving the way for a more sustainable world.

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