Leveraging Flavor Innovation with Sustainability in the Food Industry

In this episode, we talk with Elaine Kellman, Vice President of Citromax Flavors, about how changing consumer tastes are driving innovation in the flavor sector and how the Citromax Group is delivering solutions in the food and beverage industries. She gave a brief history of how she followed her passion for the flavor industry. She described how the food technologists’ team works to produce prototype formulations by adding tastes in beverage bottles. We discuss how they not only manufacture finished goods but also sell to people all around the world. She explained about the production plant that manufactures finished flavors. She added that the parent firm has 1.1 million lemon trees in Argentina, the world’s largest lemon-growing region and that this company is the world’s second-largest (and the only American-owned company in Argentina) for organic lemons. . She discussed the many drinks and foods for which they create flavors and their ability to produce extracts and emulsions and share information on the technologies and product varieties. We discussed consumer trends and how they promote their products through various R&D to learn more about what customers desire in flavor.

About Citromax Flavors-Citromax Flavors maintains a flavor library that includes traditional and organic flavors that may be used as finished flavors or as starting points for new flavor development. Customers may rely on experienced flavor specialists to provide technical and marketing solutions to development issues. The team comprises experts in bread, confectionery, dairy, and savory tastes.. They maintain a strong focus on products that support health and well-being while always providing the tastes that consumers prefer. The team works out of cutting-edge flavor development and production facilities in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

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