Leveraging Technology for Healthy Eating and Improved Nutrition

Today’s episode features Brady Kosior, Owner and Founder of Cruz Co, who discusses how they use advanced technology in their Fresh Smart fridges to provide beautiful, fresh, and easy-to-access food in Kelowna, British Columbia. He explained how he got started with Cruz Co. and how they work with local food producers to market them. Brad discussed why food traceability is vital for consumers, as well as how they get ingredients. He also discussed his interest in Cruze Co’s new trends and prospects with ghost kitchens and virtual eateries. We also talked about how the technology that drives them tracks inventory and the process of restocking fridges with fresh food in real-time.

Cruze Co., located in Kelowna, British Columbia, is making healthy eating more accessible. They choose the greatest ingredients, prepare fresh meals in their kitchen, pack and transport fresh, genuine food straight to our expanding network of Cruze fridges, and, of course, provide you with the best customer experience possible, every time.

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