Leveraging Technology to Redefine Agriculture with Farm Management Software

In this episode, we speak with  Judah Cofer, Director of Sales, PNW at Agworld, where we discussed how their software solutions provider offers a data capture and management platform for the agricultural industry. Judah explained in detail how the Agworld, Farm management software enables farmers to record data on a daily basis in the field. He gave a comprehensive overview of the platform as well as its benefits. We discussed the need for data in three areas: agronomics, finance, and operations for long-term sustainability. We discussed how Agworld enables farmers and trusted advisors to help with centralized data and why data standardization is important. Judah spoke in depth about how Agworld focuses on centralization, standardization, and collaboration. He discussed how today’s farmers are eager to know about innovation and technology. We went into detail about how farmers can choose whom they share their data with. He also provided a thorough explanation of the farm data ecosystem and how it helps in the maintenance of APIs in software. Agworld’s ultimate purpose is to help growers succeed.

AgWorld, based in California, is the world’s first Collaborative Farming Solution, allowing producers, crop advisors, farm employees, precision specialists, and operation managers to actually collaborate. Growers can build a more robust, future-ready farm company by enhancing workflow communication and production efficiency. Retailers and consultants foster long-term farmer engagement by enhancing their verification criteria and collaborating with clients from anywhere.

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