Making Waves in the Industry with Handcrafted Micro-Batch Hot Sauce

In this episode, we spoke with Jeff Davis, Owner of Island Son Canada, about how he creates top micro-batch hot sauces with top-quality ingredients. Jeff’s family is originally from Barbados, and that cuisine culture has been a major impact on Jeff’s life. He chose to create Island Son Canada by doing what he loves: producing spicy sauces and being an entrepreneur. Island Son’s current goods are spicy sauces based on Barbadian recipes – Jeff developed his own formulas based on input from the family. We also spoke about how he promotes his products through e-commerce platforms while primarily promoting them in stores. Jeff is a strong believer in and participant in the movement toward decentralized organizations, and he is actively working with a range of companies that are developing to support decentralized production, logistics, and sales.

Island Son Canada is based in Ontario and produces a flavor-first hot sauce prepared in micro-batches using turmeric, mango, Scotch Bonnet, and Ghost peppers that is low in sodium and vegan.

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