Marketing Premium Spirits: Building Brands in a Competitive Landscape

Edrington (, a prestigious Scottish company known for premium spirits like The Macallan, is owned by a charitable trust. In this podcast episode, we delve into the world of marketing premium spirits with Valerie Marks, Marketing Director at Edrington. Valerie offers insights into her role overseeing emerging brands like Wyoming Whiskey and Number Three Gin, each requiring distinct marketing strategies.
The discussion explores the complexities of marketing within the US beverage alcohol industry, particularly the three-tier system and its influence on reaching both distributors and consumers. Valerie also dives into brand lifecycle management, highlighting the contrasting marketing approaches for established brands (like The Macallan celebrating its 200th anniversary) versus new entrants like Wyoming Whiskey.
Consumer education and brand advocacy are identified as critical factors in the competitive spirits market, where recommendations from trusted sources significantly impact purchasing decisions. The episode further explores Edrington’s commitment to responsible consumption and community support, aligning with their charitable trust ownership.

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