Modern Technique- A New Effort to Accelerate Aging in the Spirits Industry

Bourbon is currently seeing a meteoric rise in favour among millennials. And, as the demand for whiskey develops, demand is surpassing supply, owing to the fact that it takes a long time to create, with most bourbons maturing in wooden barrels for years before being bottled and sold.

In today’s episode, Pam Leinmiller talks with Chris Harrigan, Owner/Operator of Beyond Barrels , about how the bourbon market is booming and what innovative techniques help in speeding up the ageing process in the Spirits Industry. He describes how, at Beyond Barrels, they use whiskey ageing staves that are placed in the final bottle of whiskey for 1 to 4 weeks to vary the flavour profiles of the bottled whiskey. He also discusses how bottle ageing staves allow you to continue the aging process of alcohol at home using various types of wood.

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