Organic Burgers: The Next Big Thing in Fast Food Industry?

In this captivating episode, we speak with Klaus Wittrup, the visionary founder of Gasoline Grill. Gasoline Grill is a fast food chain in Copenhagen that has been praised for its quality and sustainability. The company started in 2016 with a location in the middle of town in an old gas station. They now have 9 stores, 2 of them franchised. Klaus’ desire for a good burger like he had when he came to America as an exchange student in high school led to the birth of Gasoline Grill.

Gasoline Grill is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, including fresh, never-frozen beef and a special private recipe potato bun. They are also committed to sustainability, using compostable packaging and sourcing their beef from local farms. To know more about Gasoline Grill visit at-

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