Pioneering a New Way to Vegan Dog Food Industry

In this episode of Future Food Cast, our guest speaker is Laura Simonson, CEO & Founder of Virchew, to share her knowledge and explore how our dog friend may thrive on a plant-based diet. We talk about how customers respond to digital convenience and what the trends and challenges are in the pet food industry.

The vegan pet food sector is booming. With the revelation of the very low quality of standard and animal-based packaged dog food comes a need for a healthier, more environmentally friendly solution.

Virchew is based out of Vancouver and is a dog food that is creating new methods to feed, care for, and live with our closest pets without harming other animals or the environment. After a decade of research and development, Virchew is positioned to be the premier plant-based food and lifestyle brand for dogs, supported by veterinarian nutrition programs. Virchew, perfectly positioned between two multibillion-dollar marketplaces, is a recipe for limitless potential and wealth for everybody.

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