Pioneering Food Safety Solutions: A Recipe for Success in a Modern Food System

This episode dives deep into the world of food safety in India with Ashwin Bhadri, CEO of Equinox Labs (, a leading provider of food and water testing services.  We explore Equinox Labs’ mission to ensure food, water, and air quality through comprehensive testing solutions, including water analysis, nutrition labeling, and microbial testing.
Ashwin Bhadri offers valuable insights on:

  • How Equinox Labs empowers food startups and shapes policy as a national advisor to FSSAI (India’s food safety regulator).
  • Their impactful social initiatives include worker training for midday meal programs.
  • The innovative “Hygiene Quotient” system for safety monitoring.
  • Their customer-centric approach focuses on education and problem-solving.
  • Equinox Labs’ unique culture celebrates innovation, embraces learning, and prioritizes transparency and trust.

Learn why Ashwin Bhadri believes innovation is key to scaling success in the food industry. Discover how Equinox Labs is driving positive change in India’s food ecosystem.

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