Product Transparency and Accessibility in the Cocktail Industry

In today’s Future Food Cast, our guest speaker Jomaree Pinkard, Co-Founder and CEO of Hella Cocktail Co, speaks with our host Chris Raczkowski about how they started the promotion by redesigning the packaging, how transparency matters from the consumer’s perspective, and how they have been working with the community by building relationships. Jomaree began his professional career in sports marketing and soon realized that he desired a more personally meaningful working life. In the pursuit of work-life fulfillment, it was realized that physical items with a scalable business model (“unit-based”) would be the focus. He also discussed why he believes that quality is crucial and that the integrity of the product is more important than virtually everything else.

Hella Cocktail Co., based in New York, is a brand of botanically inspired mixers and beverages with adventurous flavors that elevate and broaden cocktail culture for all. They are experiment-mentors who provide these curious experience seekers with “elevated choice.” Their objective is to build trust in the Hella Curious so that they can present their true self to the table. Because only Hella offers a curated portfolio of cocktailing options, is founded on the quest for robust flavors, and fosters an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to gather around the table.

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