Redefining Automated Vending Machines with Fresh Healthy Food Access

In today’s episode, we talk with Meghan Hurley, VP, Marketing of Farmer’s Fridge, about how they’re making nutritious food more accessible, as well as how they’re working on the supply chain piece by piece to produce what consumers want. She also gave information on their marketing activities, explaining that their primary growth targets are hospitals, airports, and colleges. Meghan talked about how the jars can be recycled to save food waste. We discuss how, during the pandemic, they initiated the delivery and established their own system of channels. We also spoke about environmental challenges like California wildfires, which affect a lot of the produce, local suppliers having staffing issues, and temperature swings that harm fresh produce for parts of the year. We also discussed how they are employing third-party logistics for home delivery, as well as supporting their main business of supplying fridges and working on wholesale clients to help them grow regionally.

Farmers Fridge is located in Chicago, Illinois, and started with a network of smart Fridges, which were supposed to make finding fresh and healthy food as simple as vending a candy bar. Today, they have approximately 400 Fridges located around the country in airports, hospitals, corporate buildings, universities, and other locations. The next step was to introduce home delivery to make it easier for consumers to get food delivered to their door. Since we established the initiative in response to the pandemic in 2020, they have served hundreds of thousands of meals to over 40 states and continue to expand.

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