Redefining Sustainability with Good Food

In today’s Future Food Cast episode, our guest speaker is Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma, Founder of Maple and Marigold, who shared her ideas on how sustainability begins in the kitchen and how she is combating food waste. Puneeta came to Canada 20 years ago after having worked in India and the Middle East. The company name, Maple and Marigold, reflects the influences of Canada and India on Puneeta’s desire for bringing healthy foods to people, with an emphasis on “eating with benefits.” Maple and Marigold value the themes of sustainability and climate change awareness and management.

We also discussed driving food materials, food preparation, and living a healthy existence through healthy eating. Puneeta is an accomplished author of food/recipe books, with another book now in creation, in addition to giving advice services and cooking workshops via social media channels. Puneeta also discussed the importance of reducing food waste. A important trend that M&M sees in the market is the transparency of raw material origins, the quality of raw materials, waste reduction, and enabling consumers to know and understand the source of their food.

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