Redefining the Foodservice Operations with Vision AI Technology

Hauke Feddersen, VP- of Operations at PreciTaste,  talks about  how their disruptive technology is creating change in the food service industry. He provided some context and explained how PreciTaste is an emerging tech business focusing on the future of food, how they differ, and how they integrate visual AI to improve restaurant customer experience. He talks about how they automate operations in modern kitchens and how they optimize artificial intelligence. He briefly overviewed the three solutions they provide in quick service and fast food restaurants. We talk about labor challenges and how economies can scale with the help of artificial intelligence. He explains the market trends, how they optimize in the professional kitchen, and how technology helps teams perform a better job.

About PreciTaste- A proprietary Vision AI platform and industry leader in operational efficiency, based in New York, redefines food service operations with a digital food management system that gives real-time staff suggestions using deep tech computer vision and machine learning. PreciTaste was developed to increase productivity, improve customer and staff experience, and decrease food waste. The central restaurant chains now use it. PreciTaste is a tried-and-true platform for demand-based cooking and ingredient preparation, real-time job management, and order accuracy in quick casual and QSR kitchens.

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