Regulatory affairs and the biggest challenges in the Dairy Industry

Today’s discussion focuses on Regulatory Affairs and the biggest challenges in the Food Industry.

Our speaker today is Alex Walsh. He is the Associate Vice President for Regulatory Affairs (NDFA). Alex manage all aspects of communications including media relations, social media, publications and internal and external communications. Additionally, he manages all public relations, membership information, marketing and advertising, and business development initiatives and strategies.

NDFA is a full-service trade association with members in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Members represent all four federal class product companies including fluid milk processors, distributors, byproduct manufacturers, ice cream and yogurt plants and some dairy farm producers.   The association provides services and information to its members to help improve their operations, ensuring the efficient distribution of the freshest and safest dairy products possible. The association represents its membership as a united manufacturing/distribution industry before legislative bodies and regulatory agencies, promoting and safeguarding their common business interests.

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