Revolutionize Sustainable Food Growth: Unleash the Power of Healthier Grains!

Since 1899, Bay State Milling has stood as a pillar of quality in the grain-based foods industry. As the largest family-owned flour company in the US, they boast a nationwide network, delivering wholesome goodness to homes and businesses across the country. But Bay State Milling’s mission extends far beyond distribution. They are passionate about providing exceptional, plant-based ingredients that go beyond the ordinary, emphasizing both health and sustainability. Through investments in employees, specialty flour milling, and custom blending capabilities, they cater to a growing demand for unique, healthier options.

This insightful episode features Peter Banat, CFO, who delves into the company’s rich history and unwavering commitment. Uncover their niche in the flour market, specializing in organic and specialty ingredients, including their groundbreaking “healthsense” creation. This innovative ingredient prioritizes health benefits without compromising taste, addressing a key concern for today’s health-conscious consumers.

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