Revolutionizing Technology- Creating Wine and Spirits at Molecular Level

Alec Lee, CEO, and Co-Founder of Endless West talks with our host Pam Leinmiller about how they are achieving sustainability in the wine and spirits industry through creative approaches. Alec also discussed how he came up with the idea for Endless West and the advantages of creating a product, including environmental activities. He also discussed the molecular composition of wines and spirits, including identifying important taste and fragrance molecules and extracting them for usage from more efficient natural sources such as plants, fruits, and yeasts. We also talked about the current beverage industry innovation, trends, and challenges, as well as how they create exceptional quality spirits without using the same traditional inputs or procedures that legacy manufacturers do. Additionally, he discussed how, from the perspective of the customer, they offer all the complex flavors of great barrel-aged whiskies in a short timeframe.

Endless West is a beverage technology start-up that develops its own blend of spirits using cutting-edge molecular scientific techniques. The company was started in 2015 by Alec Lee and Mardonn Chua, and it is based in San Francisco. Through its B2B servicing company, Blank Collective, Endless West also offers customized, quick-turn B2B solutions to beverage alcohol clients interested in bulk spirits, alcohol-based concentrates, brand creation, and manufacturing services.

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