Scan Your Way to Food Chain Security: GS1 Barcodes and FSMA 204 Revolution

Revolutionize food traceability with GS1 US! This episode we speak with Lucelena Angarita, Director-Supply Chain Visibility where she shares insights on how GS1 US leverages globally recognized standards (GTINs, GLNs, SSCCs) to ensure seamless communication across the food supply chain, facilitating over 10 billion daily scans with standardized barcodes. We delve into FSMA 204 compliance and how GS1 US helps companies achieve it using existing solutions. Explore how GS1 standards guarantee accurate identification of food products throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork. We even explore traceability advancements like barcodes, RFID tags, and learnings from the healthcare industry. By empowering businesses to comply with regulations, drive efficiency, minimize waste, and build consumer trust, GS1 US paves the way for success. Visit to learn more.

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