Shaping the Future of Food by Creating Healthy and Delicious Beverages

Luan Blancher, Category Manager- Beverages at Givaudan, spoke with us about the various trends in tastes, taste nutritional, and functional solutions in the beverage category. She mentioned how Givaudan is not just in tastes but also in ingredients such as botanicals and nutraceuticals, and how their main goal is to collaborate with B2B customers. We also spoke with her about trends in a variety of ways, including economic, social, and political trends, as well as extensive research to identify consumer needs and how they may be met. She also discusses the significance of data research in terms of market trends. She gave a quick overview of evolving consumer patterns in the beverage market. She also discussed how Givaudan focuses on sustainable product procurement. Luan also mentioned that Givaudan is in the process of becoming B-Corp Certified, which looks at sustainability, employee wellbeing, carbon emissions, and how to decrease wastewater, among other things. We also spoke about  how they are giving back to the community and ensuring that the farmers are well compensated for the future.

Givaudan is based out of Vernier, Geneva, and is a global leader in fragrance and beauty, as well as taste and wellbeing. They celebrate the beauty of the human experience by fostering happier, healthier lifestyles in harmony with nature. They deliver multi-sensory experiences that customers enjoy by using enticing flavors, appealing colors, potent botanicals, clean-label ingredients, and co-creation skills. Their diverse portfolio provides customers with holistic and forward-thinking solutions that allow them to remain ahead of market trends, develop swiftly, and expand their offerings in the beverage category.

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