Simplifying Restaurant Operations with an All-In-One Online Platform

Today’s episode is on Simplifying Restaurant Operations with an All-In-One Online Platform
Pam Lienmiller, our host, talks with Andrea Tassistro, Founder & CEO of Foodetective, about how they are empowering the restaurant industry to better their services and help with operations management. Andrea described his business path, as well as his objective of operating under one roof, taking use of automation, as well as identifying and reducing duplicate tasks. He also talked on how restaurants promote and worry about their exposure, for which they have a B2C channel called detectives.

Foodetective is based out of Geneva and is a global community of Foodies & Restaurants, founded in 2018 to provide consumers all over the world with a trustworthy all-in-one platform for effortlessly interacting with restaurants and other F&B businesses. Foodetective believes that restaurants, customers, and the communities in which they operate are all stakeholders with a responsibility to serve and that by serving them alongside their staff and investors, they will develop a long-lasting profitable company.

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