Sustainability and Transparency in the Food Industry: Real Food Takes the Lead

In this episode, we talk with the  President and CEO – Alison Patt, and the Vice President of  Growth and Retention at Thomas Cuisine, a company that is leading the way in sustainable and healthy food practices. Our guest discusses the “real foods initiative,” which drives local sourcing, and sustainability, and views food as medicine in all of their operations. They also explain how they control the waste stream, diverting waste from landfills and working on improving production methods and consumer portion sizes to reduce post-consumer waste. We also delve into the company’s diversified client mix, including healthcare, corporate, and education, and compare and contrast the different verticals. Additionally, our guest shares how they cater to all of these verticals while staying true to their mission of transparency and sustainability.

Thomas Cuisine, based in Meridian, is a seasoned food service management brand established in 1986 that prioritizes taste and health. The company offers made-from-scratch meals with robust flavors and exceptional ingredients, free of chemical additives and loaded with nutrients.

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