Sustainability in the Bakery Industry Through Local Sourcing

Blair Hyslop, Co-CEO and Co-Owner of Mrs. Dunster’s (1996) inc, discusses the importance of sustainability in local sourcing. He also discusses supply chain stability and transparency in the food sector.

The discussion over global vs. local sources is always stimulating. To begin, determining what is ‘local’ is a difficulty. The definition – and whether local sourcing is superior to global sourcing – will be determined by the stakeholder answering the question.

Mrs. Dunster’s is one great company with three outstanding brands. Mrs. Dunster’s is most famous for its donuts and cookies, but we are truly a full service commercial bakery with a wide selection of delectable items. The firm also markets under the Snairs Golden Grain Bakery brand, which provides a comprehensive line of homestyle and artisan bread and roll goods, as well as McBuns Bakery. We have fresh DSD distribution throughout the Maritimes and New England and can send frozen items almost everywhere.

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