Sustainable Bites: Navigating the Circular Economy and Tackling Food Waste

In this episode, we speak with David Cote, Co-Founder of LOOP Mission, as he shares his inspiring founder’s story. Starting from selling bikes to building a circular economy, LOOP Mission upcycles excess fruits and vegetables into LOOP juices. Their organic growth skyrocketed through media coverage and word-of-mouth, making them the go-to solution for waste management. Discover their innovative solutions across every aisle of the grocery store and their mission to reduce food waste worldwide.

Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Loop Mission is making waves in the food industry by actively working to reduce food waste and create innovative, sustainable solutions.Loop Mission has forged partnerships with major food industry players, collaborating to address the staggering issue of perfectly good, yet discarded products that never make it to grocery store shelves. Instead of letting these items go to waste, Loop Mission transforms them into an array of fantastic products, including juices, smoothies, sodas, beer, gin, soaps, and even dog treats.

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