Sustainable Collaboration: Catalyst for Food Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

David Freed, the Chief Information Officer and Head of Sustainability at MSI Express, shares his insights on the transformation of the food industry through digitization and sustainability. He reveals how even small changes can make a monumental impact, highlighting the importance of collaboration and holistic thinking. With half of CPG’s growth now driven by sustainable products, David discusses how sustainability is becoming an opportunity for businesses, and how MSI Express is leading the way.

MSI Express based in Portage, Indiana, is a leading contract manufacturing and packaging company known for its extensive capabilities and problem-solving expertise, driven by an engineering-focused founding partner. Their offerings encompass a streamlined supply chain, flexibility, responsiveness, and a commitment to quality and safety. They excel in delivering fast, cost-effective manufacturing and packaging solutions, whether it’s a short-term packaging project, setting up packaging lines in your distribution center, or optimizing your manufacturing operation.

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