Sustainable Innovation: How Plant-Based Proteins Are Changing the Game

In this episode, we speak with Lisa Wetstone, Senior Director of Marketing, Innovation, and Growth Strategy at Mycotechnology, who also handles their new consumer-facing product Goodside Foods, which is a plant-based protein that can be crafted into delicious, protein-rich meals by simply adding water, making plant-based eating simply for at-home cooks. We talked about her experience and how she became interested in the food industry, as well as her ideas for making a difference in the food system. She provided brief insights into Mycotechnology, including how it enables the creation of superior ingredients, how the technology is connected to consumers, and how they are enabling individuals to consume plant-based foods. She explained how they are making meat alternatives out of three ingredients. We also discussed how the product is highly sustainable in terms of the environment and resources. She discussed how supply chains contribute to the carbon footprint, as well as the purchase of raw materials that are sent to production and packaging for retailers. She discussed how they are assisting customers in understanding the need for transparency and reducing their carbon footprint.

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