Sustainable Innovation with Ingredients in Food Industry

In today’s episode, we speak with Mariana Macouvei, Senior Project Leader at Ingredion Incorporated, about how sustainable sourcing is important and how Ingredion is working closely with growers of various crops to ensure that they have the right knowledge and access to the right tools and resources to make each crop very sustainable. Mariana joins Ingredion after a long and successful career in the food industry with several major corporations. She exemplifies a worldwide corporate leader in food innovation. Ingredion is completely dedicated to food innovation. Since 1901, the company’s whole goal has been based on innovation (and even 1863 in Canada).We also talked about the “Clean label” trend in the food industry, which is being pushed by end consumer demand for healthier foods and a transparent supply chain. We also talked on how, due to customer demand, plant-based ingredients are an important part of Ingredion’s current product emphasis. Ingredion has an entire department and program dedicated to assisting food producers in maximizing their sustainability efforts, illustrating the market demand for sustainable goods and the company’s dedication to sustainability.

Ingredion Incorporated is based out of Westchester, Illinois, and produces a wide range of “raw materials” (aka food ingredients) for large, medium, and small for manufacturers. It is a global ingredient solutions company that produces sugars, starches, and unique ingredients from plants like corn, tapioca, rice, sago, and potato. They offer solutions and innovate for around 60 industry sectors in over 40 countries. Ingredion, a Fortune 500 worldwide provider of ingredient solutions, acknowledges the crucial necessity of food supply chain transparency as a basic requirement for food producers. As a result, the company supports product transparency all the way down to the original producers/growers.

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