Sustainable Packaging and Innovative Trends Evolving in the Tea Industry

In today’s show, Mitch Jacobsen, CEO of Rvitta Inc, discusses how the future of beverage packaging, recycling, and low carbon footprint is evolving. He gave a brief explanation of how he got started with Rviita Inc, while he was exploring healthier alternatives to drink. We discussed how they get the ingredients and briefly discussed the carbon footprint as they looked for eco-friendly packaging. He gave thoughts on deep diving into data and calculating greenhouse gases to improve product packaging. Mitch offered his thoughts on how they strive toward sustainability from the consumer’s viewpoint while looking at and purchasing items. He spoke on market trends in terms of sustainability and sales value. We discussed marketing strategies as well as his ideas on developing the business using technology for global expansion. Mitch also expressed his interest in blockchain technology and how it could improve transparency in the food supply chain and help consumers discover more about where their products come from. He explained the obstacles as well as how they continue to innovate in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Rviita Inc is based in Calgary, Alberta. A refreshing and delectable combination of tea, organic honey, and vitamins. Rviita is a beverage that one can actually feel good about, with just 30 calories and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Its uniquely designed, low carbon footprint, recyclable beverage pouches – these innovative packages take up less space, can be shipped flat, resulting in less emissions and lower energy manufacturing – and can be re-purposed as an ice pack for an adventure.

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