Sustainable Sourcing and Consumer Trends- Driving Innovation in Food Industry

Kimberly Schaub, Business Development Manager at Griffith Foods, discusses the importance of sustainable sourcing and consumer preferences in the food sector. She discussed her expertise in the snack and organic area, as well as how Griffith Food Works is looking for ways to change the spice market by sourcing sustainably and reducing their carbon footprint. How they individually work with their clients and help them to reduce their carbon footprint. She discussed the significance of developing customer relationships. She also discussed consumer trends and how they operate to achieve their goals. They collaborate with companies whose products end up on grocery store shelves or in food service establishments.We also discussed the importance of clean labeling and why consumers are interested in how ingredients are sourced. She discussed food traditions and customs, as well as what sorts of ingredients are used based on consumer preferences. She provided a clear outline of how to source sustainability on the front end. She suggested two types of sourcing: one from farmers and communities, and the other through collaboration with organisations that are co-operatives or distributors of the product. We talked about the research chef and culinary services at Griffith Foods in great depth. She also highlighted Griffith Foods, which has played an important role in providing taste and texture solutions for plant-based foods.

Griffith Foods headquartered  in Alsip, Illinois, operates in more than 30 nations in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and North America. They specialize in forming trusting alliances with our clients to produce fantastic meals that people adore. In order to assist clients fulfill consumers’ changing requirements and wishes in ways that respect and preserve the environment, Griffith Foods serves as a compassionate, innovative product development partner for food companies worldwide.

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