Sweet Symphony: Quality, Innovation, and Flavors in Candy Industry

Explore candy innovation with Josh Rothstein, Vice President of Sales and Procurement of Redstone Foods, a family business since 1966. From LA garage origins, they’ve grown into a candy powerhouse, now led by the third generation. With a focus on customer relationships, Redstone represents vendors, utilizing techs like ERP and AI recommendations. They thrived during the pandemic, offering affordable “everyday luxury” items. Global distribution, own trucks, and a 65K sq ft expansion underline their reach. Join us to learn from Redstone’s journey of resilience and customer-centric success in the candy industry.

Since 1966, Redstone Foods has been Southwest’s premier candy wholesaler. Our extensive inventory of 6,000+ selections includes bulk candy, fine chocolates, novelty treats, and vintage sodas. Serving gourmet stores, distributors, and retailers in the US and internationally, we’re the go-to source for delightful confections that elevate any occasion. To know more about Redstone Foods visit their website – https://redstonefoods.com/

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