Taking Bakery Ingredients and Flavor Innovation to the Next Level

In today’s episode, Martino Brambilla, President of Embassy Ingredients Ltd, discusses how they create innovative flavors and baking ingredients. Martino gave a brief history of his journey and discussed how the Harvard course helped him make critical business decisions that led to his success. He mentioned how he focuses on tastes in the baking sector, which accounts for only 2% of flavor sales, and the remaining 98% is in beverages. We discuss the procedure as well as the baking components and tastes change in the beverage flavors. He explained how they assist customers in picking flavors for their products. He provided brief insights about taste trends and marketing tactics for business success. We discussed why certifications are essential in the company and how cleaner ingredients aid in concentrating on a better lifestyle. We talk about the supply chain challenges and how they keep enough supply for the suppliers.

Embassy Ingredients is based in Brampton, Ontario, combining creativity and science to give consumers the most unique tastes and baking ingredients available. Their multifunctional production facility is BRC-certified, nut-free, and Kosher certified. Their Quality Assurance team guarantees that the highest standards are fulfilled by bake-testing each batch of baking ingredients, and all of our flavors are sensory panel and organoleptically evaluated.

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