Technological Trends – Innovate to Elevate in the Food Service Industry

In the latest episode, we speak with Jay Ashton, National Brand Activation Manager at Sysco Canada Inc, about technological advancements in the food space and how the industry has advanced. Jay provided brief insights into his experience, which includes 33 years in the restaurant sector and the creation of business resources for Sysco Canada. He discussed the SVK show, which debuted on May 14, 2020, and how he has grown, as well as the interview insights of the speakers he has spoken with. We also talk about leadership in the industry and current affairs. He also discussed the adoption of artificial intelligence in the restaurant sector. He emphasized the importance of marketing techniques and brand creation in the industry. He also discussed how innovation is essential in the food industry and how it makes a difference in today’s world.

Sysco Canada Inc is based in Toronto, Ontario. Sysco is at the epicenter of food and service.
They are devoted to the success of every customer, supplier partner, community member, and associate. Their love for food – and for their customers – has driven them to the top of the business. They are the world’s largest seller, marketer, and distributor of food goods, equipment, and supplies to restaurants, healthcare, educational facilities, lodging places, and other customers who cook meals away from home.

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