Technology and Innovation in Beverage Production: The Future of Microdrinks

This episode features Agueda Trujillo, the Head of Marketing at Waterdrop, an Austrian company founded by Henry and Martin Murray, and Kristoff. They created a new category of hydration products called microdrinks in 2016, which has revolutionized the industry. Agueda talks about the evolution of microdrinks into microenergy, microtea, and microlyte, and the company’s marketing plan, including partnering with tennis players as representatives and setting up hydration stations at tournaments. Waterdrop is committed to a plastic-free tennis world and contributing to the green revolution. They have launched the LUCY Smart Cap and are soon to launch a LUCY filter pitcher for the refrigerator, which has many environmental benefits. Agueda also discusses the company’s contribution to cleaning up the ocean and making a positive impact on the environment.

waterdrop® is an Austrian brand providing innovative solutions to encourage the well-being of consumers by offering premium products and experiences surrounding the quintessence of life.

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