The Seafood Journey: From Sourcing to Delivery, a Story of Quality and Commitment

In this episode, Nobu Yamanashi, President of Yama Seafood, Inc. Yama Seafood is a family-owned and run business with a worldwide reach for seafood, including sourcing in Japan from the prime market. Yamanashi talks about the journey of the seafood industry, from how his father started the company and also shares the challenges of sourcing, logistics, and weather delays. He highlights how the business requires a lot of expertise, skills, and knowledge and is more people-driven rather than systems-driven. Yama Seafood has the agility of a small company with a large volume and much better customer service than a larger company. They also discuss pivoting during COVID-19 to the direct-to-consumer market and their interest in growing this home-delivery market. Additionally, Yamanashi talks about its company culture, training, and company values. Tune in now to learn more about the seafood industry and Yama Seafood’s journey.

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